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AJ Styles

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 215 pounds 
From: Gainesville, Georgia 
Finishing Move: The Styles Clash

AJ Styles was one of the most celebrated superstars in TNA Wrestling since its inception in 2002.  Words can’t describe the pure in-ring ability this athlete possesses.  AJ blends aerial domination with power, speed and passion.  This gift can only be described as “phenomenal.” AJ Styles made his name as a pioneer of the X Division, where in a short time, he was considered the most athletically-gifted wrestler in the world.  Possessing an unstoppable combination of speed, power, high-flying ability and outright fearlessness, Styles quickly rose through the ranks. Styles was the first Grand Slam Champion in IMPACT WRESTLING, having held the World Heavyweight, X Division, Television and World Tag Team Championships on multiple occasions.  Styles has also received multiple MVP-of-the-Year awards. Wrestling comes naturally for the Gainesville, GA native.  After following suggestions from high school friends, Styles quickly discovered his extraordinary talent.  He attended college on a wrestling scholarship and later pursued the sport on a professional level.