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Chris Sabin


img 0116Height: 5'10" 
Weight: 205 pounds 
From: Detroit, Michigan 
Finishing Move: The Cradleshock

Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, Chris Sabin is an exciting high-flying competitor.  His in-ring performance is a lightning-fast mix of speed and aerial acrobatics culled from every possible form of wrestling.  Apart from his deep arsenal of wrestling moves, his ultimate strength comes from his undying motivation and perseverance. Sabin is an amazing athlete in his own right who has mastered the high-flying X Division style.  He made his IMPACT WRESTLING debut as a singles competitor and has proven himself as a force to be reckoned with, having won the X Division Championship on multiple occasions.  He continues to amaze crowds with his high-flying assaults on the competition.  After his comeback from injury, Sabin made history at Destination X 2013 by defeating Bully Ray to capture the World Heavyweight Championship, and subsequently captured the X Division Championship as well.

- Former World Heavyweight Champion 
- Multi-time X-Division Champion 
- Multi-time World Tag Team Champion 
- Enjoys video gaming 

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