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Matt Morgan

Height: 7'
Weight: 328 pounds
From: Fairfield, Connecticut
Finishing Moves: The Hellevator, The Carbon Footprint

Matt Morgan is the definition of a genetic abnormality – never before has a man of Morgan’s size and strength moved with such speed and agility inside a wrestling ring. He has become known as “The Blueprint.” His Carbon Footprint finisher is one of the most intense and impressive moves in the world of professional wrestling. He is a multi- time TNA World Tag Team Champion. Outside of the ring, Morgan was featured on the NBC show American Gladiators as “The Beast.” With a background that features traditional wrestling training, as well as a career playing NCAA basketball for Monmouth University, Morgan has proven his athletic ability in a variety of areas. In 2008, a sample of Morgan’s DNA was launched into space as part of “Operation Immortality.”